Detective agency with broad experience

We are a detective agency that has employees with a background in authorities, the private security sector, actors, journalists, trackers, etc. We have a long experience of comprehensive risk management, providing risk advisory and security management. Thanks to our broad experience in detective work, we can offer our clients various options to solve their problems. We receive assignments from clients from all over the world. Both from private individuals, companies and entrepreneurs.

We are proud to say that Nordic PI is Sweden’s most satisfied detective agency with the highest number of client reviews and ratings.
What sets our detective agency apart from others is our passion for intelligence, reconnaissance work and tracking. We operate both digitally and physically, depending on the case and the client’s wishes. We only hire private investigators who are passionate about what they do, which ensures that we can exceed our clients’ expectations, both in terms of service and end results.

Nordic Privatdetektiver

How do you go about hiring a private investigator?

The process of hiring a private detective can most simply be explained by the fact that we go through needs, wishes and expectations together. Based on the information provided, a mapping and analysis of the case is carried out. The clients are then provided with a quote.

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Detective Agency Services

Below you can see various services that our detective agency offers.

  • Investigation
  • Scouting and mapping
  • Background checks
  • Custody disputes
  • Harassment and violations
  • Stalking
  • Infidelity/cheating investigations
  • Insurance fraud
  • Consulting
  • Unfair corporate competition
  • Trademark infringement
  • Mystery shopper
  • Data recovery/IT forensics
  • Permanent data deletion
  • Anti-eavesdropping
  • Intelligence work
  • Wiretapping/interception
  • Information gathering
  • Identification
  • Management and organization
  • Recruitment and staffing

For rental:

  • Advanced video recording equipment
  • Advanced audio recording equipment
  • GPS equipment
  • Anti-jamming Equipment
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All private detectives and staff working within Nordic PI are subject to confidentiality. This means that you must not provide information that could cause harm to an individual person or their personal circumstances. Written information is stored in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot access it. All clients handling takes place in a secure environment where you as a client should feel safe. The information shared with us stays with us.

Confidentiality applies for life, regardless of whether you work, are on leave or have ended your employment with the detective agency Nordic PI. The basic rule is that different people in the business concerned may have access to classified information to the extent that it is necessary to handle a case. Information is therefore not provided to anyone who is not working on the case. For security reasons, no cases are handled through social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Are there any exceptions regarding confidentiality?

  • In case of suspicion that children under the age of 18 are being hurt.
  • Upon detection of crimes against children or child pornography on technical equipment or other digital devices.
  • If our private detectives or investigators discover terrorist crimes, planning/sponsoring of terrorist attacks, etc., reporting is to be done to the relevant authorities.

All information provided by us, including your personal information, is kept secure by us. If you have the slightest doubt or have any questions regarding confidentiality and non-disclosure, you are welcome to consult with us.

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