Private detective Investigations

Our private detectives help companies and private individuals with investigations concerning sick leave, unfair competition, trademark infringement, etc. Share your problem situation with us and let our detective agency and our private detectives help you with the solution.

Custody disputes / Guardianship disputes

Sometimes you feel hopeless about what and how to do to ensure the best interests of your children. Our detectives have experience in coming up with solutions so that you can get the information and evidence you need to feel safe or move the case forward in the event of a dispute.


A private detective can help you deal with problems when you are exposed to stalking and want to be able to live a safe life in your everyday life.

Infidelity/cheating investigations

Our private detectives help you when you want to feel at ease and know how to move forward in your relationship by gathering evidence that confirms or denies your fears.

Scouting and mapping

A private detective can carry out physical and digital reconnaissance and help you understand the context of custody disputes, harassment, stalking, fraud, etc.

Background checks

We carry out relevant background checks so that you understand who you are entering into collaborations or relationships with. Our private detectives are experienced and have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to background checks.

Harassment and violations

Our private detectives help you gather information about who and how harassment occurs, as well as how you can remedy these problems via contact with the authorities or measures that prevent this from happening in the future.


Our detective agency gives advice on how you can solve your problem in the most efficient and economical way.

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Nordic Privatdetektiver

Private detective Services for companies

Unfair competition

Our private detectives have experience in spying and documenting with photos, film and text when unfair competition takes place against your company.

Trademark Infringement

Our detectives and investigators help you deal with trademark infringement and track down who is behind it.

Mystery shopper

We are your professional shoppers who notice service and hospitality in your store, restaurant, showroom or other business.

Wiretapping protection

We use different methods to find devices that eavesdrop on rooms and vehicles as well as devices that are patented and world-leading in protecting you and preventing recording devices that may be in the meeting room where sensitive information is shared.

Insurance fraud

We help insurance companies gather evidence to ascertain whether personal injuries exist at all or are permanent.

Data recovery/IT forensics

Our technicians can help you recover data deleted from your device.

Permanent deletion of data

Our detectives and technicians will help you erase data from your device so that it cannot be recovered.


Advanced video recording equipment

We can tailor hidden video recording equipment to suit your business and environment. Our detective agency works with various companies that have engineers who create these. Functionality and appearance are adapted to each client’s needs/case type.

GPS equipment

We have different types of GPS equipment for different situations and needs, contact us to get suggestions for a solution that suits you.

Advanced audio recording equipment

Our equipment is not something you will find on Amazon or any other e-commerce store. We tailor our devices based on both appearance and functionality so that even with authority experience it will be difficult to detect.

Anti-cancellation equipment

We rent out equipment to find eavesdropping equipment and equipment that, among other things, prevents the functionality of eavesdropping equipment.

Our private detectives are here for you

Nordic PI (Nordic Private Investigator) has broad experience and extensive knowledge in various fields. It enables us as a detective agency to tailor our solutions to solve our tasks and assignments. If you have questions or concerns about our services as private detectives, you are most welcome to contact us.